The Clean Coder

The more code I write, and the more languages and libraries I learn, the more I feel that code is only a very small part of software development. More and more, I want to learn about software architecture, and learning to bridge the gap between "us", the programmers, and the end users of our software. Read More

Programming Rust (Early Release)

I love learning about new programming languages. One of the items on my TODO-list for this summer is to finally build something in Rust. I dabbled a bit with it around the time it reached 1.0, but haven't had time to go all in, until now. And there just happens to be an excellent Rust book on the way! Read More

Reading Books

If you'd asked me a year ago, what the last book I read was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I pretty much didn't read books, back then. I was pretty good at RTFM, but books? Expensive, and they quickly get out of date. What changed? Read More

Test-Driven Development with Django

Test-driven development is something I always found quite puzzling. I've created software both with and without automated testing, but when I wrote tests, it was always after the implementation was done. People seem to like the TDD approach, so I thought I'd have a look for myself. Read More

Web Scraping With Python

Mmm, web scraping. I've experimented a bit with Scrapy, but never beyond that. I find it very interesting, though, and would like to learn more about scraping websites. Web Scraping With Python doesn't use Scrapy, but teaches you how to write scraper from the ground up. Read More

JavaScript: The Good Parts

I've used Javascript for several years, but I learned it all from tutorials and online documentation. Lately I've mostly been using TypeScript and Babel. Somehow I stumbled upon "A re-introduction to JavaScript" on MDN, and started reading. Even though I thought I knew Javascript, I learned a fair amount from reading that. Doing some further searching, I found "JavaScript: The Good Parts". I've seen it referenced before, but never got around to actually reading it. So, why not? It's <150 pages. Read More

The Passionate Programmer

I started my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in the fall of 2014, with a hope that I'd be able to expand my knowledge of programming and software engineering beyond web apps, which I had mostly spent my time doing until then. While I've learnt a good deal of new things, my ability to start something, and just hack on it for fun has disappeared lately. I saw someone recommend "The passionate programmer", and sure, that's what I want to be. So I read it. Read More

Game Programming Patterns

I have tried countless times to make games in the past. While I've felt comfortable in the languages I've used, eventually the code bases have become too brittle, and progress has stagnated. I didn't quite realize why I had so much trouble, but after reading Game Programming Patterns, it's become a lot clearer. Read More