Olav Andreas Lindekleiv

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My name is Olav Lindekleiv, and I'm a programmer / problem solver / computer engineering student from Norway. I'm really passionate about technology in general, but my main interest lies in the software world.

This site contains blog posts, experiments and tips about things I find interesting, and that I find is worth sharing with the world.

  1. BOOK The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin

    The more code I write, and the more languages and libraries I learn, the more I feel that code is only a very small part of software development. More and more, I want to learn about software architecture, and learning to bridge the gap between “us”, the programmers, and the end users of our software.

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  2. BOOK Practical UX Design by Scott Faranello

    I’ve had some ideas for a SaaS platform for quite some time, but wasn’t sure how to structure the UI, what features to implement, and what to leave out. So I wanted to learn some more about how to build better, more user friendly interfaces.

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  3. BOOK The Healthy Programmer by Joe Kutner

    The stereotypical programmer is someone who eats poorly, and rarely exercises. While my diet has always been decent, and I’ve never had problems with my weight, I also haven’t exercised much. Over the last year or so, I’ve tried to change that, and hoped that this book would give me an extra motivation boost.

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