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My name is Olav, and I'm a full stack & app developer from Norway. I'm really passionate about technology in general, but my main interest lies in the software world.

This site contains blog posts, experiments and tips about things I find interesting, and that I find is worth sharing with the world.

You can find me on Github, and Twitter (Norwegian / English)

Olav Lindekleiv

Realtek RTL8812 in Ubuntu

As all the Wifi USB dongles I've used in recent years have worked flawlessly with Ubuntu and Linux, I didn't do any extra research before buying a new one last month. Unfortunately, it didn't show up immediately, so here's what I had to do to make it work.

Local composer dependency in PHP and ClassNotFoundException

Composer makes working with PHP quite nice, but as with any package manager, you run into the occasional weird error message. Today I ran into a problem when adding a dependency to a project that was itself a local dependency to another project. I've been bitten by this a few times now, so here's a fix!

Anycubic i3 Mega: Great first 3D printer

I've followed the 3D printing scene on and off for a while, but just recently bought my first printer. Until now, printers have either been too expensive, or required too much work assembling and maintaining. However, the Anycubic i3 Mega seemed to be a big improvements on both fronts.

Now powered by Babble!

Blogging is hard. Not because it's hard to set up and run a blog, but the fact that you have to sit down and actually write. Looking back, I'm pretty sure I've spent more time testing various blogging tools than actually writing. Now it's 2018, and yet again, I'm switching platforms.

Configuring Pipenv in Visual Studio Code

Pipenv is a more modern way to manage project dependencies in Python. However, if you want to use Visual Studio Code's Python plugin for your project, you need to tell it where it can find your virtualenv.

Spotify Token Revokation Update

If you were one of the thousands of people who read my previous post, there's an update from Spotify regarding token revokation, and spoiler alert: They listened!

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