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Number Pyramid Walk

The other day, I visited Project Euler, and solved a few problems. Two of which involved a pyramids. You are asked to find the way from the top to bottom which gives the highest possible sum. In this post I explain how you can solve this super efficiently.

Rust sudoku solver

All right, so today I decided to give myself another Rust challenge: A sudoku solver. This was both so that I would have something a bit more challenging to implement, but also, to try benchmarking and optimizing some Rust code.

Rust slugify exercise

The other day I decided to try some Rust again, now that they've reached 1.0. After reading most of Rust By Example, I decided it was time to check if I'd learnt anything.

Hugo: First impressions

Blogging is hard. Not just forcing yourself to write, but setting up a blog in the first place. Sure, you can go with a plain old Wordpress install, but as a tech geek, that isn't going to happen. I looked into static site generators a while ago, but never got past the "looking into" phase. Then I stumbled upon Hugo.

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