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Ludum Dare 35

Ludum Dare took place this weekend, for the 35th time. This was my third Ludum Dare, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Ludum Dare 34

I finally got a chance to participate in the LudumDare game jam again this weekend. Last time was over a year ago. The themes this time were "two button controls" and "growing". In other words, you were free to choose either, or incorporate both into your game.

The most interesting channels on YouTube

I use YouTube almost every day, and subscribe to a lot of channels. Over the years, I've collected a list of my favorite channels. They're mostly science, history or trivia related channels. As you can imagine, I love learning new things, even if just scratching the surface of a topic.

Number Pyramid Walk

The other day, I visited Project Euler, and solved a few problems. Two of which involved a pyramids. You are asked to find the way from the top to bottom which gives the highest possible sum. In this post I explain how you can solve this super efficiently.

Rust sudoku solver

All right, so today I decided to give myself another Rust challenge: A sudoku solver. This was both so that I would have something a bit more challenging to implement, but also, to try benchmarking and optimizing some Rust code.

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