The Clean Coder

The more code I write, and the more languages and libraries I learn, the more I feel that code is only a very small part of software development. More and more, I want to learn about software architecture, and learning to bridge the gap between "us", the programmers, and the end users of our software. Read More

The Compound Effect

When evaluating what books to read next, I often turn to Derek Sivers' book list. I'm currently shopping around for ways to improve my productivity and will power, and The Compound Effect seemed to offer some good insights. Read More

Practical UX Design

I've had some ideas for a SaaS platform for quite some time, but wasn't sure how to structure the UI, what features to implement, and what to leave out. So I wanted to learn some more about how to build better, more user friendly interfaces. Read More

The Healthy Programmer

The stereotypical programmer is someone who eats poorly, and rarely exercises. While my diet has always been decent, and I've never had problems with my weight, I also haven't exercised much. Over the last year or so, I've tried to change that, and hoped that this book would give me an extra motivation boost. Read More

How to Win Friends & Influence People

This book originally came out in 1936, and is one I've seen mentioned and recommended in a lot of places. It's seen numerous revisions and re-prints since its first release, and is still highly relevant. Read More

Programming Rust (Early Release)

I love learning about new programming languages. One of the items on my TODO-list for this summer is to finally build something in Rust. I dabbled a bit with it around the time it reached 1.0, but haven't had time to go all in, until now. And there just happens to be an excellent Rust book on the way! Read More

Test-Driven Development with Django

Test-driven development is something I always found quite puzzling. I've created software both with and without automated testing, but when I wrote tests, it was always after the implementation was done. People seem to like the TDD approach, so I thought I'd have a look for myself. Read More